Integrated Mobile Expense Management Solution

Gain control of mobile usage and spend

As corporate mobile use continues to grow, so does the expense and complexity of managing it. Without the time, resources and expertise to effectively manage your mobile telecommunications expenses you can easily lose track of what you have and what you are paying for. Growing data usage, shifting rate plans and the mix of BYOD and corporate-liable devices further complicate matters.

Mobility Management doesn’t have to be complicated

Comview’s Wireless Expense Management platform is a comprehensive mobility management solution for enterprises, featuring an easy-to-use, cloud-based management and reporting portal coupled with dedicated managed services. It is a seamless part of our integrated fixed/mobile telecom management and call accounting solutions.

The platform continuously collects invoice and usage data from every mobile carrier and presents it in a consistent view. A dedicated account team becomes an extension of your staff to provide maximum savings, reduce your workload, and earn your business everyday.

Information at your fingertipswireless-device-management+mdm-screen

All the information you need to successfully manage your mobile environment is in one single database and accessible through advanced search and reporting tools.

  • Context-aware search tools quickly look up summary and detail information
  • Numerous pre-built and custom reports provide maximum visibility
  • Exception reports pinpoint areas of waste like zero use and roaming
  • Scheduled reports can be automatically sent to designated business users
  • Business intelligence tools enhance decision making

Guaranteed savings up to 30%

Typical customer savings can be 30% or more, not to mention the additional soft savings from improved processes and employee productivity.

We’ll analyze your mobile telecom data at no cost to provide a written savings guarantee you can enjoy savings, great ROI and out of this world support with minimal risk.

Wireless inventory management

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Wireless Management collects and validates all information needed to accurately identify every wireless asset, user, expense and every aspect of each device including rate plan, device model/serial number, IMEI, ESN, SIM numbers and more.

Usage management

Monitor and manage your global mobile usage. Quickly identify and remedy high/low/zero usage devices, excessive international usage, unusual text and data consumption, and exceptions to acceptable use.

Billing error analysis & contract compliance

We constantly scan incoming carrier data for billing errors and contract compliance. Comview takes responsibility carrier disputes to correct errors and obtain refunds or credits so you can focus on your core business.

Rate plan optimization and implementation

Comview analyzes mobile invoices to ensure each user is on an optimized plan based on usage. Changes are implemented with carriers upon approval. We go beyond mobile rate plan optimization to recommend additional cost reduction measures through usage modification and process improvements.

Automated charge-backs

Give up spreadsheets and manual invoice review in favor of fully-automated, rules-based departmental assignment via ongoing HR data feeds or a simple administrative interface. Customized departmental charge-back feeds provide automatic input into accounting systems.

Wireless procurement and order management

Comview provides a variety of administrative and managed telecom procurement options including administrative QuickOrder and e-bonding with select carriers. An optional self-service portal lets employees order devices and services from an approved catalog. Built-in approval workflows and rules govern when and how devices or services can be ordered.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration

Comview offers bi-directional mobile device management integration with AirWatch, as well as one-way integration with other MDM platforms, so you can manage mobile security and usage from the same portal.

Other mobile management services

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Whether you are new to mobile expense management or are looking for a better provider, let us show you why Comview is the right choice.

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